Sciatic pain can be a daunting challenge, filled with confusion and fear. These days, navigating all that information online can amplify these concerns. According to David, “I had never experienced a lower back injury like this before so I was pretty freaked out about it and confused by conflicting information and horror stories I was reading online.”

David came into Twin Cities Movement as a referral, suffering from sciatica. “After an initial evaluation, I continued to see Dr. Brandon for about 6 weeks in a rehab program tailored to me and my needs.” David did the low back strengthening laid out by Dr. Brandon, using the Movement Method, the road map we use to guide you from healing to thriving.

Dr. Brandon’s initial evaluation provided a turning point for David. “Working with Dr. Brandon and listening to his knowledge & expertise provided me exactly the peace of mind I was desperate for.”

The Movement Method certainly starts with a history and assessment, but we like to look at it as a conversation, where we find out what’s important to you, and what you’re missing because of your pain or restriction. Our approach seeks to meet you where you’re at, then provide the roadmap to make the rest of the journey easier.

Over the next six weeks, David did the work prescribed by Dr. Brandon. An efficient routine of exercises covered mobility, stability, and symptom relief. Did it work? According to David, “My sciatic pain is now gone and I’m well on my way to a total recovery, thanks to Brandon!” We’re grateful for the opportunity to help David, thanks to a meaningful referral.

Not only did David experience less pain, he experienced the comfort and stability that comes from trusting someone to help you when you need it. David was able to trust us, and he experienced peace of mind from it, which further improved his experience.

It wouldn’t have been quite the same journey without a guide, and Dr. Brandon proved to be up to the task, expertly leading David through the work that David had to do himself in order to truly succeed. David says finally of Dr. Brandon, “I cannot recommend Brandon highly enough; he’s very pleasant to work with, talk with, and is very understanding of whatever your unique situation might be.”

David came in, motivated to do what he needed to do to make a real change in his life. Back pain and sciatica don’t usually just pop up out of nowhere. They’re often caused by extended periods of time in certain positions. Managing pain that you’re experiencing can be a true commitment, especially if you’ve been experiencing it for some time. It could actually be completely life changing.

David has a final piece of advice for you, if you’re experiencing back pain like he was, “Always remember to have patience with yourself, with your body, and to maintain a positive outlook!”
He couldn’t be more right. The first thing that has to happen is, you have to decide that you are worth the effort of changing your life. It can be really hard to start a journey, but that’s really the sweet spot for the Movement Method. We’re confident that we can use it to meet you where you’re at, and help guide you from there. If you have back pain with or without sciatica, we can help, and you certainly are worth the effort of changing your life. Reach out to us here.
If you know someone with a story like David’s, please send them this article. It was a referral that changed David’s life.